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Romance, or Something Like It - Epilogue
Applejack opened her eyes slowly.  It was morning, though it was a little later than she usually woke up.  Not something she would want to make a habit, that was sure, but for one morning, she could afford staying in bed for a little bit.  
She didn't want to get up – not yet, at least.  Thoughts of the day before slowly creeped into her mind, making her smile as she took in a deep breath.  The memory of that first kiss made her bite her lip, trying to keep the smile on her face in control, though there was nopony in the room to see her.  
She turned in her bed, curling up in a ball as she snuggled in her blankets, remembering the warm feeling of the other pony who was just-so-close to her the day before.  She kind of wished she could have woken up next to her that day, but that might have been a little much.  No need to rush things.  They could take it slow.  Though
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Romance, or Something Like It - Ch. 8
Chapter 8 – Night
"You know what we should do?" Pinkie Pie asked Fluttershy.  They had all but forgotten about the awkwardness of the fortune teller's fortune.  Instead, the decided to play games all night.  At one point, they ran into Rarity and Fancy Pants, for which Pinkie Pie happily took credit for them having such a nice night, and even saw Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo race by, saying hi to them as they passed, before being chased by Spike, who was carrying some dolls they had won from the game booths.  Pinkie Pie herself had won several dolls, and gave a little Daring Do doll to Fluttershy, since she seemed sad not to have won any games.  Pinkie Pie was still a little buzzed from all the wine, but Fluttershy was still caught off guard by how stumbling and giggly drunk Pinkie was compared to her sober self.
"You know, the bonfire looks nice," Fluttershy said.  She was exhausted by now. 
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Derpy Sketch :iconbabileilei:Babileilei 58 19 Liquid Courage :iconbabileilei:Babileilei 147 50

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I rarely go into DeviantArt anymore (sorry!) but today my husband asked me to check something with my St.ash account.  So I logged in, and afterwards looked at my old drawings in my St.ash, and found a drawing that made me "d'aww" as I remembered drawing it.

My husband told me I should post it, so here is the sketch. Keep in mind, it's more than two years old and in need of some serious editing, but I like the reference. Bonus if you know where it's from!

DoctorWhooves copy by Babileilei


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Happy Birthday!
KennyMcCormix Featured By Owner May 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday, Carla!
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I think you are cool and stuff ya know since you personally know the famous ratofdawn. But there is one thing i dont now how to feel about you having pinkie as your least favorite if anything mine is fluttershy i sometimes want to strangle her for being so damned quiet. I know i know i shouldn't let someones opinion on my favorite effect how i feel about them but it just rubs me the wrong way i dunno why.
Babileilei Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Fluttershy becomes my least favorite on episodes where Pinkie makes me like her, like Baby Cakes.  But just because she's my least favorite of the mane 6, doesn't mean I don't LIKE her.  I think she's adorable! She just gets on my nerve, sometimes.  But shes also so random and fun - a blessing and a curse.
Applejackfan4ever Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I know exactly what you mean she can get be a bit to much XD. She really got on my nerves in season three she really did i know it was cute but still it was just gah! yeah i understand what you mean XD Thanks for clearing that up i apologize if i came off harsh in any way.
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